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Why Shanthi?

Peace of Mind is the essential foundation of a happy life. Your personal well-being and professional success depends on it. A healthy mind and a healthy body go hand-in-hand, and together they are the fundamental basis for a healthy life.

Choose the healthcare professional that is right for you

Shanthi Marketplace

Shanthi gives you quick and easy access to the most qualified therapists and physicians who are experts in their areas of specialization.

You can search for them, find them, review their credentials, identify the one you want to consult, and based on your convenience, book on-demand or scheduled sessions with them.

You can choose an in-person session with a provider who is in your area, or you can opt for teletherapy and telemedicine sessions with providers anywhere across the world through built-in video, audio and text communication.

With Shanthi your consultations are always secure and confidential.

Registering on Shanthi Marketplace is totally free.

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Choose to have your medical records in one secure place

Shanthi Personal Health Records (PHR)

With Shanthi PHR solution, you can choose to safely and securely receive, send and store all your medical records in one place, so that they are available to you whenever you want them.

Shanthi PHR enables you to electronically request and get your medical records from all your healthcare providers, including physician practices, hospitals and labs.

Your records are sent to you over secure encrypted communication channels and are stored in highly secure encrypted databases. Only you will have the key to decrypt your medical records.

You can choose to share selected and relevant portions of your personal health records to selected healthcare providers that you want to see. With this information, your provider will be able to more accurately diagnose and treat you.

Shanthi PHR is totally free for you to use. It comes bundled with the Shanthi Marketplace.

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Shanthi is at your fingertips 24x7 to reach the therapist of your choice

Secure Access – Anytime, Anywhere and through Any Device

Through your mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop, you can reach a therapist of your choice.

Shanthi is highly secure and fully HIPAA compliant.