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Why Shanthi?

Because "Peace of Mind" is priceless to you and to your clients. Shanthi has been designed to make it easy for your clients to connect with you when they need your help. Shanthi has been designed to make it easy for you to grow your practice. You get to spend your time doing what you enjoy, which is counseling and taking care of your clients.

Shanthi brings you more clients and helps you grow your practice

Shanthi Marketplace

On Shanthi's Marketplace, your services are visible to thousands of clients who are seeking therapy to enhance their mental wellbeing.

From anywhere in the country, clients can easily book appointments with you, and you can counsel them via video conference or in-person sessions.

Signing up on the Shanthi Marketplace is easy and it is free.

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Shanthi enhances your relationship with your clients and helps you manage your practice

Shanthi Practice Management System (PMS)

With Shanthi Practice Management System and Electronic Health Records solutions, you can focus most of your time and energy on high quality client interaction, by significantly reducing the time you spend on practice management, as well as the time you spend on capture and retrieval of client information.

Shanthi Electronic Health Records(EHR)

Shanthi enables you to:

View your client's incoming reports and messages. Messages are accessed and archived in the corresponding client charts, so they are always in context and never get lost

Securely exchange client's medical records with your client and with other providers who are authorized by your client to access those records

Easily capture all relevant medical, treatment, procedures and prescription data for each and every client visit

Review client's health check and clinical summaries through easy to use reports and searches

With Shanthi's EHR solution, even a small medical practice has access to a very intuitive and advanced solution for capturing client intake forms, clinical data, session data and treatment information. These are specific to each specialty.

Signing up for Shanthi PMS and EHR is convenient and easy.


Shanthi Personal Health Records (PHR)

Your clients get access to a PHR system that allows them to securely store and exchange their personal medical records with their therapists.

Shanthi enables you to be connected 24x7 with your clients and your practice

Secure Access – Anytime, Anywhere and through Any Device

You can securely access Shanthi Marketplace, Practice Management System and Electronic Health Records solutions anytime, from any place and through any device. Shanthi works through Web Interfaces on your laptop and desktop, as well as, on iOS and Android smart phones and tablets through native applications.

All Shanthi solutions are highly secure and fully HIPAA compliant.